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That’s what I use now. Rage.

As Warlords of Draenor approached I wasn’t looking for greener pastures.  My monk was fun,  was tanking all the things and doing a good job of it.  Spinning, and Kicking, and Shuffling, and then Staggering.  A lot like a drunken bear ballerina with swords, and an awesome braided beard.  At heart I am a great lover of smashing things in the face with shields or great big two handed weapons that weigh more than gnomes.  So I decided (and it was an easy decision for me) to main my warrior in Warlords.  I will still be a spinning bear just wearing plate, and with much bigger swords, and less alcohol.(A charging pandaren is pretty awesome)

I have found one standard one thing I need to be able to enjoy playing a class.  I need to have two specs for that class that I really enjoy.   I have really enjoy protection warriors in Mists,  I just didn’t enjoy arms and fury at all.  with 6.0.2 that has changed.  I know there has been a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth regarding the warrior changes.  I would love to hear an explanation of where exactly Overpower went and why he (or she) left us in the lurch. The rotations for fury and arms do lack a bit of sophistication. (A lot of classes are in the similar row boats.) As straight forward as it is Fury is a lot of fun for me.  I am enjoying the relentless smash things as hard and fast as you can game play.  I understand the mini game of fury and colossal smash was great in the eyes of a lot if not most players, but I didn’t enjoy it and wont miss it.  So there internets.  I really enjoy new fury do with me what you will.

Ran into a trash pack in the back yard.  See optimal means of self defense is dual weild

Ran into a trash pack in the back yard. See optimal means of self defense is dual wield. As you can see the small blonde mob will grow up to be a warrior as his preferred weapon is a bus.

I took Gyin on an Eschew Obfuscation raid as a tank for the first time last night and had an absolute blast.  Our other tank is a warrior as well ( I know raid balance blah blah blah we don’t care) and stuff died.  Bosses got hit with shields over and over and Agnes and I laughed and giggled, wait warriors don’t giggle, gleefully cackled all the way to Iron Juggernaut.  So protection easily fills the that second enjoyable specialization.

So I am a warrior again.

Rage its not just a red bar on your unit frame.  It is a way to get things dead



Back in time (back in the Blog?)

Okay let me clear one thing up real fast. In Warlords of Draenor we aren’t time traveling.  We just aren’t.  The bad guys are time traveling. They are coming to us.  They are coming looking for a whooping and we will give it to them. Got it?

Next. I’m not sure what I hate more LFR or LFR ques.  that 20 plus minute of wasted time aimlessly wandering around waiting for the Que to pop dreading all the pain you are about to put yourself through. or the hour of wasted time while people try to cheese content fail, and just try cheesing it again.  There is one way to lessen this pain and that is to sign up to heal. Well turns out the weaving of mists eludes me, and I find it kind of embarrassing.  I can DPS at a level I am comfortable with and getting hit in the face is like riding a bike, but heal competitively no way at least not yet.

I am really looking forward to Warlords,  I mean Garrison Keillor is going to be in it.  He is the only Garrison I know.  Garrosh might be the end boss again. (Maybe we actually kill him this time!) We will finally get an answer to the origin of the clown suit armor. (it’s always been a mystery to me.)  And Velen will actually do things (probably). Well not our Velen but the alternative reality Velen who was actually a leader and stuff.

So I am back. Probably,  If I was ever here in the first place.

Elegon VS. Brewmaster. At least a brewmaster who may be doing it right, My healers call me squishy.

Earlier this week I bullet pointed my first impressions of Elegon in Mogushan Vaults.  One of the bullets was that for the first time I really really needed to manage my resources. I want to take a closer look at these resources. Both how I had been managing them in the previous 4 fights, and how I can improve for this fight.

So lets start with what I consider Brewmaster’s resources.

  • First and foremost our Chi reliant resources: Shuffle, Guard, and Purifying Brew.
    • Lets start with the bread and butter basics (look Mrs. Hunter aliteration) shuffle, and stagger. I have always made my shuffle uptime The priority, and I dont think this is wrong. Making a large portion of physical damage be under my control is one of the things i like best about my class.
    • Of course I cant talk about shuffle and stagger without discussing Purifying Brew. First I have tied my Relic of Nizao trinket to purifying brew to make sure it gets used regularly. On the first 4 bosses I have been able to use this skill liberaly, rarely have my staggers gone yellow (medium) I usually clear them beetween 8k and 11k a tick. On Elegon I am trying to let my stagger ride a bit higher(between 15k and 17k), especially when my debuff stacks are low. This is because I found myself having a bit harder of a time keeping my shuffle rolling.
    • I have consistantly run with guard glyphed so far this tier. The main reasons for this are that we do so well mitigating physical damage that Guard seems better used as just a magic reduction cooldown. And this really shines on Elegon’s breath attack. The second reason is that the guard that our statue puts on our allies also is straight magic reduction which is great for the finger wigglers hidding behind the boss. So I have gotten in the habit of refreshing it every 30 seconds on fights like Stone Guardians, Feng, and Garagal. Saving it for an on use in the Elegon fight has been a big adjustment for me, and had added to my struggle with my Chi Bar.
  • Fortifying Brew, Diffuse Magic, Elusive Brew, and Avert Harm.
    • I try to use them in this order on celestial breath: Guard, Diffuse Magic, the Fortifying Brew, so as my stacks go up my cooldowns get stronger. (I dont do anything on the first one, and count on my healers getting me through it. Don’t tell them that.) I will usually use my Elusive Brew whenever I get more than 5 stacks to hopefully avoid some melee swings. And I have never Used Avert Harm, the tool tip is scary but i may need it in this fight.
  • Roll, and Transcendance.
    • I usually use the Celerity talent for the extra roll it provides. Don’t ask me why or how it affects my raiding. It is just nice knowing if I need to GTFO I can go a long way fast. It is kind of like my daughters red blanket. I switched to momentum for our second night of work on the celestial sky dragon of doom, and the extra run speed was a huge boon for stack clearing.
    • Much to my chagrin when we started our second night of work I was moving some buttons around on my bars and noticed my Transcendance button sitting down in the corner all by itself and lonely. I immediatly smacked myself in the head and dropped my copy right outside the circle. I completly forgot I had it as an option. As stated previously I am an idiot. Use Transcendance on this fight and impress your friends.

    Of course all this is me just talking to myself, as usual. This is not necisarrily best practices. We havent even killed the boss yet, but we will, eventualy, probably.

Bad Tauren vs. Elegon

Horseshoes and Handgrenades has finally ran into Elegon.  I always considered my team post nerf all-stars.  All of our success over the last year and a half has come after content was nerfed.  The last few months has changed my mind about us, we just take some time to get our momentum going.  Our momentum has finally ran us into Elegon.  The word on the street has been that Elegon is a road block for a lot of teams in Mogushan Vaults.  I don’t think it will be a real issue for us and here is why.  We are really good at execution once we know what the hell is going on. When we finally kill a boss it goes on farm almost immedialy. There is a good portion of my raid team that really likes the first pull on a boss to be blind.  No videos, no guides, and no LFR. I don’t hold to this way of raiding myself, I like to know what im getting myself into. However, I like that there is a little bit less stress in those first pulls, and it makes those mistakes that happen less frustrating to me, but it means a few extra wipes before we really get our bearings. But when we finally get it we get it.

So here are my bullets for my first time tanking Elegon.

    • Having never seen Algalon, the model is really cool
    • I only killed the raid once on account of my own stupidity
    • They have really made fights that are interesting to tank again
    • This is the first boss fight where I really really need to manage all my resources. Even my roll charges need to be managed.
    • When one or more of your DPS are surprised that there is more than one round of cosmic sparks. You didn’t do a good enough job explaining the fight
    • The ability to change your talents on the fly was ingenious game design
    • Actually having viable talents as options is great to
    • We are lucky to have a really competent unflapable main tank. (This is not me)
    • We tried two ways of tanking. First is the standard switch on each new add. Our other method was having me keep the boss the whole time, but having the other tank hold him long enough for me to drop my stacks. Both seemed to work. The latter let me keep my stacks considerably lower, and damage a bit more managable. I’m not sure which one we will settle on.
    • We only have one melee DPS, and this fight makes me feel bad for the poor kitty, but it gives us a solid advantage on the fight mechanics.

    Mogushan Vaults is such a drastic improvment for fights compared to dragon soul. I can’t wait to see the rest of the tier, and what Blizzard has cooked up for 5.3.

    /Reload Blog.

    With a healthy amount of trepidation I am going to wade back into the blog and hopefully be able to consistently post. I was going to say again, but on reviewing the blogs content consistency has never happened before. We will start simple with a goal of once a week, but actually shooting for a bit more.


    Moenghus is level 90 and has been for a couple of weeks. I absolutely enjoyed the leveling process. I didn’t expect that. There were definite spots where it got grindy, usually at the end of content (55-58, 68-70, 70-80). I expected going through the Cata content for the 11th time would be brutal, I was wrong, thankfully it went really fast. And 85, to 90 was a lot of fun.

    Not being a completionist really helped. I leveled mainly as a windwalker did every dungeon once, except Heelfire Ramparts and Upgrade Keep. And when I was level appropriate I moved to the next zone immediately. Even in pandaria, which I know is sacrilegious. I ended up doing all of the Jade Forest, a quarter of the valley, skipped the wilds completely, and as soon as I could I got out of Kun-Lai summit for the entirety of the Steppes I left, and needed every quest in the Dread Wastes to hit 90.

    After hitting 90 I looked around at all the blue exclamation points said “F That ” and immediately qued for heroics, scenarios, and battle grounds. ( I have a family a job and a soul blizzard. I only have time for one thing right now. Gearing for raiding, or rep grinding (just for the ability to fill holes in my tanking set with valor points). The rep grind came in second. (I’ll get to it when I have an item level that is sufficient to no longer require 5 man / honor gear. Rant off!) This calls for a list.

    1) HEROICS: the new heroics are a lot of fun, fairly forgiving, and fairly short. I will only tank them for guildies at this point. Bosses refuse to drop agility leather, this is not news. All my JP’s get turned into honor.

    2) SCENARIOS: Short and sweet and not a bad way to kill time waiting on DPS queues. I even got some 463 shoulders out of my first loot bag.

    3) BATTLE GROUNDS: Monks have a great tool kits for PVP. We have everything a snare, disarm, polymorph, and a stun. Some BG’s I get rolled, and some I feel pretty good. This is on account of a mix of 450 gear and trial and error. Having the honor gear be equal stat wise with JP rewards is a huge boon to a guy who wants to be able to do PVE and PVP content.

    Brewmaster monks are a lot of fun. The play style is everything I have been looking for in a tank class. I can’t wait to get our raid team up and running. Mogu’Shan Vaults looks like it will be lot of fun to tank after months and months of DS and it’s stick in the mud bosses.

    So cheers for MOP and being back at Badtauren.

    What is it tanks actually do

    There has been some gnashing of teeth lately in the class feed back thread about what we will be using our Chi on. The almighty crab and his design team want us to be using our resources on keeping Shuffle up, and clearing our staggers with purifying brew. A lot of posters want to do more fun stuff. So I’m going to talk about what tanks do now.

    When the healing model was drastically changed prior to Cataclysm to fast expensive, long expensive, and long cheap heals. The model used was resto shaman, so the folks healing with waves had an easier transition. The class the new tanking model in Mists is Death Knights. I happen to have had a lot of experience with blood tanking. So not only am I lucky to already have the active mitigation mindset, but I feel I can speak on the subject from fairly solid footing.

    As a DK all my (err most of my) resources went to stating alive. Frost, unholy, and death runes were almost entirely spent on death strike for the healing it provided and the blood shields it put up. The only exceptions to this being keeping bone-shield up, and the occasional death and decay for AOE threat. Blood runes were only used for heart strikes when Vampiric Blood, Blood tap where on cooldown. Even then we kept on blood rune up hoping to proc another frost or unholy rune. Runic power was the outlier here. We used a lot of it on rune strikes for the threat but it also was our resource for sacrificing our ghoul, Dancing Rune Weapon, and Death Coil healing while lichborne was up. Now after the patch rune strike also gives us more death runes to be used.

    So on a 2 tank unnerfed raid boss when I had the bosses attention all of my resources were used to mitigate damage/fuel cooldowns/stay alive. There was very little fun/cutesy stuff going on. There was just me doing everything I could to stay standing. When Dartanius ( our trusty paladin main tank) finally taunted big ugly. I would take a deep breath, and priority #1 became getting a blood shield the size of my health pool, then trying to get me resources lined up for when it was my turn to be the most annoying person in the room again. That was DK tanking in raids. It doesn’t sound fun or glamourous, but loved it.

    Now to compare that to Brewmaster Monks. When we are taking our lumps holding the big bads attention all our Chi is going to be used on Blackout Kicks, Purifying Brew, and Guard. I’m more than fine with that, I look forward to it. It is the model, what else do we use Chi for anyway? (I’m at work so can’t fact check right now) Zen Sphere and Flaming Belch? Zen Sphere is for Mistweavers and surviving big pulls while questing, in a raid environment I expect it to be of little value to us. Flame breath: sure throw it in while the warrior is hitting Garrosh in the groin with a refrigerator door, but it won’t keep you alive when he is aiming Gorehowl at your head. Our mobility, and unique active mitigation are what got me excited about this class. We are working as intended, and this Tauren likes the way we work.

    The fun in tanking isn’t only the buttons we have to push. (we do have some cool ones though every one say elusive brew with me.). It’s the rush of staying alive, the close calls, and the kills. Most importantly it is being able to point at 8 or 23 friends who rush up to a dead boss for loot, and saying “what had you scarred enough to be cowering behind the boss for 5 minutes? Me and Dart where here all along.”

    5.0 And Me

    So I have had a week with 5.0, and I thought some things about it. First and foemost. I want my monk now not in 3 weeks. I’m ready for the rush to 90, for that new class smell, for only one thing to do in game instead of being pulled in 9 different directions by alts.

    So the very first thing I did Tuesday when I finally got home was rebuild my UI from the ground up. We cancelled our raids for the week due to planned attendance issues so now was the best time . I have been using Elvui for the entirety of cataclysm, and decided I wanted something set up exactly the way I wanted. It only took me a week of tinkering to get it functional enough.

    I logged onto my max level toons in the following order.

    • Warlock: Of course Oller was first. The lock changes are great. I fiddled around and was quickly reminded how bad I am at playing finger wigglers. The changes are great, and destro is back. After about an hour he went back on the shelf (sorry cyn if your reading)
    • Death Knight: I needed to hit Cano second so he would be ready for raid. DK’s were largely unchanged, and are even awesomer now. I just have to be more cognizant of my diseases again.
    • Paladin: I logged on Berdran to see how the move to active mitigation felt on another tank. I pulled some guildies through Hour Of Twighlight and we all survived. I need to try holy out still but feel little rush to do so.
    • Rogue: Awe Bidog the only rogue on Azeroth without Fangs. Poor girl if there were no monks coming I could easily see myself being a rogue again for MOP like I was for the last half of Wrath. Assassination with shadow step in BGs was just to much fun.
    • Priest: Ahtoep was last and was only played extensively because he was the closest to 3500 justice points for the BOA staff. I shadowed and disciplined, neither of which really enticed me. Shadow for the same reason the warlock didn’t (I don’t know why I suck at DPS casters), and Disc because priest healing has always been a mystery to me.
    • Hunter, Shaman, Druid: Inearnest, Dyfynn, and Tacklebeary all got logged into long enough to consolidate my BOA pieces. Which isn’t really fair to them. I love all three of them but a guy only has so much time. Sheesh Tackle was my main just a patch ago and is still in full firelands gear.

    So after a week in 5.0 I’m ready to be back to normal. Raid tank on Cano, and killing healers on Bidog. 3 more weeks till Moenghus starts killing quill boars and centaurs. Like a good Tauren should.

    I have a few more posts 3/4 of the way done in my head, and the week leading up to Pandas should have a leveling suggestion post. I think blizzard finally killed leveling guides in 5.0.

    My Kids Play Dress Up

    A few days ago I was woken up suddenly.  Captain America was jumping up and down on the end of my bed.  Something horrible must have happened because he was about a quarter of his normal size and was calling me dad. Strange right?

    I don’t play dress up my kids do.  When we got transmog in December I rolled my eyes and promptly forgot about/ignored it.  (that’s not totally true I did go buy the DK starting set as an experiment.)  It just wasn’t something interesting to me.  Recently on a whim I went into MC with a friend on my hunter.  I had only seen the place once before so we went in and did some shopping at the various retailers there.  Low and behold a few of them had Hunter pieces.  (I know it was all hunter loot of course) If I remember right it was the gloves and shoulders.  At first glance I decided they obviously hadn’t designed the Giant Stalker set with undead hunters in mind.  After the reset the following week I hopped back over to the core to see what else I could find and walked out an hour later with everything else for the set but the Belt.  Low and behold it looked pretty good.

    Giant Stalker

    I have since been in there on my paladin,rogue, and warlock.  I have even been soloing (or attempting to) Naxxramas on my Death Knight.  Just for the pixels.  to play internet dress up.  This is ridiculous, and a lot of fun.


    Remember that your Ghoul wanted to be a Hero to when his heart still beat.  Go do Heroic stuff with him.

    How BadTauren Wind Walks

    So this guide to wind walkers has been a long time coming. Of the three trees available to monks it is the most straight forward. I think proficiency will come quickly and mastery in the play style will will not be hard to attain.

    Just like my brewmaster guide this will be how I do it. Not how you should do it.

    First let’s talk about what we have to work with.

    Skills that do damage

    • jab: jab is our chi builder. Spend 40 energy get 2 chi. Simple
    • Rising Sun Kick: This is our hardest hitting ability. It costs 2 chi and rebuffs everything in melee range to take more damage. Use on cooldown.
    • Blackout Kick: this is going to be where the lion share of our chi will be spent. It costs 2 little circles of awesome and hits pretty hard, and even harder when the bad guys health drops below 50%
    • Tigers Palm: I only use this to keep up our armor bypassing debuff when I have an extra chi sitting on my bar
    • Fists of Fury: I love this move (I used to call these spells or abilities but move just sounds right). It is a 4 second channel that hits everything in front of you for AOE damage and stuns them. Costs 3 chi and has a 25 second cooldown.
    • Spining Crane Kick: turns you into a green tornado of destruction. Generates 1 chi and costs 40 energy.

    Those are our damage buttons. We have 2 more things to talk about before the how to. TigerEye Brew and energizing brew.

    • Tigereye brew: every time you use 4 chi you get a stack of this tasty brew. Each stack will give you a 2 percent buff to damage for 15 seconds. So when consumed at 10 stacks (the maximum amount) you get 20% more damage for 15 seconds.
    • Energizing Brew: This brew though less potent than the previous will go a long way in smoothing out chi generation. On a one minute cooldown it will give you 10 energy a second for 6 seconds. It is a mini adrenalin rush. I generally use it on cooldown.

    I want to talk a bit about white damage. I feel it is often overlooked by the average player (ie me). It is a huge portion of our DPS, and you can only get it while your forehead deep in a raid bosses back side. Luckily we have two excellent ways to make sure we are close enough to the loot piñata to keep up our white hits.

    1. Roll: I don’t think this needs much explanation.
    2. Flying Serpent Kick: Fly with epic Flight speed into the fray, and do a little damage while your at it.

    We will have no excuse to not be where we need to be when we need to be there. Ever.

    I’m going to have to do a talent review before MOP. But to sum up for wind walkers you want to take power strikes. The extra chi every 20 seconds is pretty important to how I play the class. It is a free tiger palm, tiger palm is going to be low on our priority list but it is on the list so we can keep our personal armor debuff up. We need to tiger palm every 15 seconds to keep it up, and between Combo Breaker procs and our one extra chi from power strikes it is easy to do.

    So here is what we have all been waiting for.


    On single target fights I have been prioritizing Rising sun kick, then Blackout Kick, using Mastery procs (Combo Breaker), Jab, then Tigers Palm.

    After about 8-10 chi in I find that energy isn’t keeping up and will use energizing brew and keep it on cooldown for the remainder of the fight. Always use your mastery procs before you jab again even if it means energy capping, because your jab could reproc the proc meaning you lose the proc. ( I know that makes no sense, but kind of makes sense) This doesn’t happen much but it will occur.

    I have seen conflicting advice regarding the use of Fists of Fury on single targets. While channeling you stop auto attacking which means a loss of the aforementioned white damage. Currently I will use it pending the final math when MOP drops.

    So I use rising sun kick on cooldown, when I have 2 or more Chi I blackout kick. I use those annoying little single chi on tiger palms to keep the armor debuff up. And always use my mastery procs before I jab again. Burn your stacks of tiger eye brew at 10, only hold it if there is a bloodlust or burn phase soon. (they usually are the same thing)

    The killing of several things!

    I will always start with a rising sun kick. Get to three chi and fists of fury early (mainly for the long stun it gives to give the tank a breather.) then spinning crane kick, using the chi it produces on rising sun kicks. As long as there are at least 3 bad guys up. Once you are down to 2 switch back to your single target rotation.

    That guys, is a very basic rundown of the way I punch and kick things.  Blizzard gave us some very awesome tools to go with what I expect to be very competitive DPS.  We have CC, silence, and a disarm.  The only class to have all three of these tools.  Use them liberally and you will be awesome.


    P.S. Monks don’t die in fires.

    A Bad Guide to Brewmasters Part 3

    Please note the pile of dead things on the left.

    Ok we talked about stagger, and cooldowns. lets talk about placing slain mobs in easily loot able and eye pleasing arrangement’s. (Disclaimer: this is how I do it. This is most likely not optimal, but I have had success in normal and heroic 5-mans. Success at this point = not dying very much.)

    Lets set up some basic guidelines for brewmaster tanking

    1) keep shuffle up as much as you can. using blackout kick uses up 2 chi.

    2) Keep them debuffed. Dizzying Haze is easy to apply and is great for pulling.

    3) Keep their attention. I focused on the stay alive stuff in parts 1 and 2. This is what we get to talk about today.

    4) Use your stay alive skills. Purifying Brew, Guard, Elusive Brew, and other cooldowns as needed.

    Taking out the trash.

    Behold the trash pack. This group of 4 Mogu are one of the last pulls before the final boss of Mogushan Palace. three of them are Melee and one of them is a caster. With zero chi this is how I would start this pull. I would mark the caster with a skull and the guy on the right for some CC (especially in heroics. the hardest transition in an expansion is people remembering that we don’t grossly out gear the content anymore). First I cast Dizzying Haze on the group Dizzying Haze causes no damage, but having someone throw a keg at them causes enough threat to get the party started. Second I Clashto the skull which will put me in a good position to make the bad guys very angry. So there i am with everyone’s attention and no chi. Third I hit them with another keg (Keg Smash which gives 2 chi) and blackout kick to get my shuffle up. Then the jabbing begins. Power Strikes a level 45 talent gives me 2 more chi from my jab which I use to set every one on fire. That’s the first 6 seconds. That skull is going to die fast and once your down to 3 bad guys you can pretty much rely on keg smash alone to keep their ire up with a Breath of fire every once in a while to keep them from running of to squish the warlock who doesn’t want to assist of the tank.

    There are of course other ways to do it, and this was an example of a chiless pull. you should never go into a pull with zero chi. Not because it is a bad thing but because we have Expel Harm. if we use this while running between pulls we can build up Chi giving us more flexibility going into the next fight. it gives us the ability to put out a little more burst threat by letting us use Breath of Fire earlier in our initial pull, or starting the pull with guard up. A piece of advice i have given to new tanks is to use some of your mitigation abilities early in big pulls. when your puling a group of 4 or more bad guys the amount of damage is only going to go down as the pull progresses. For us that Mitigation can come from Guard. If you have chi burning a hole in your pocket pre pull consider Guarding to take some of the initial heat of your healer.

    Another less elegant option for the group pull is Spinning Crane Kick. this skill is a three second channel that hits everybody in melee range, generates 1 chi if hitting 3 or more targets, and allows you to dodge and parry. So We have casting Spinning Crane Kick twice in a group gives us 2 chi, and takes 6 seconds. Shuffle lasts six seconds and Black out kick costs 2 chi. It works but it will limit your options to react in a changing environment, But it works. I will usually use this method in situations like the first few pulls in Shado-Pan monastery where the mobs spawn copies of themselves. You start with one bad guy and end up with a bunch.

    Behold the Boss Fight

    The boss fight is a bit more straightforwardish. Lets go over how I do it using our guidelines. Guidelines 1 and 3 are taken care of easily with using BoutK. It creates plenty of threat and keeps up our Shuffle. Each kick gives us 6 seconds of shuffle, so if you kick twice in a row you get 12 seconds of shuffle. Guideline 2 is taken care of by Keg Smash which we will want to use every time it comes of cooldown. This will maximize our Chi generation and keep Dizzying Haze up. Always put down an Ox statue too. That is the bare essentials.

    A couple of other notes on boss killing. Brewmaster Training makes Tiger Palm a skill we will want to fit in 3 times every 30 seconds to make our guard stronger. Tiger palm is free now and I can usually find spaces where my resources aren’t capped to use it. Keep your eye on how much damage you have in your Stagger and if it is a lot Purifying brew it. in the boss fights I have done I try to get rid of it when it is between 60k and 75k. If you let it get to 100k or more that is 10k damage a second that is easily removed. Please don’t forget your cooldowns fortifying brew, dampen harm or diffuse magic. I prefer using dampen harm early to smooth out some damage, and let my healer get settled into a rhythm. Knowing that with it’s 1.5 minute cool down I’ll have it back at the end of the fight. I generally try to save guard for one of 2 things, either the boss’s big unavoidable AOE ( so my healer doesn’t have to pick between saving me or all three DPS) or the skill in the dungeon journal with the big red exclamation point. It seems like one of those 2 things is happening every 30 seconds now in boss fights. My last stay alive note is that elusive brew is a very very strong mechanic 30 percent dodge is a lot, please use it. I have been trying to use it between 6 and 8 stacks, but want to train myself to just hit elusive brew when stuff is getting hairy regardless of stack size. I don’t want to use it like an on use trinket, because it’s proper use can really make us hard to kill.

    Finally brewmaster Monks have no excuse to be standing in the bad we have to many tools available to move quickly, and blizzards designers seem to have fallen in love whirlwinding bosses again. Roll out and clash back. it works great. We have transcendence too just in case.

    I again want to stress this is how I do it. Not how you have to. We have some excellent tools, and fun mechanics.

    If your going out for some adventure don’t leave your kegs at home.