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Have you ever been kicked by a cow?

May 5, 2012

No?  Me either,  good thing to, I know a guy who has.  He didn’t like it.  I have also become acquainted wit a tribe of quillboar  who were savaged be a by a kicking cow.  They also didn’t seem fond of the experience.   The cow on the other hand enjoyed the experience immensely.

   My first impression of the tauren monk was and is that they have surprisingly short legs.  Strange right?  On the way to level 10 the monk gets 4 abilities Jab, Tiger Palm, Roll, and Blackout Kick in that order.  At this point the coolness of these abilities go in this order 1) Roll 2) roll 3)roll then the other 3.  A tauren rolling around Mulgore is a sight to behold. The head first dive into a tuck and roll, then the sway into into a combat stance.  I was hooked.  2 levels later i got Blackout kick, found a hapless Quillboar wound up a Blackout Kick and said “What, that was it?”  After a few more Quilboar had Hoof marks on there ugly little foreheads i was underwhelmed.  I proceeded to roll of in the direction of some malingering Grimtotem’s , and all my worries blew away on a soft Mulgore breeze.

Fittingly I hit level 10 in the midst of quillboar.  A few feet away stood Baine and Hammul with torches ablaze at the foot of Cairne’s bier, and it just felt right.  I pointed myself in the direction of the Barrens, and set of to do what young taurens do best.  Collect the heads of  centaur chieftans.

A Few More Notes On Monks.

Chi- It was the logical and next step from Holy Power.  I enjoyed the mechanic change for palis in cata.It’s early in the process for but i am very optimistic at this point

WindWalker- I initially specced windwalker at lvl 10 but the DPS stance wasn’t giving me 2 chi per jab like the tool tip said it would.  I tried several things to try and fix it but was unsuccessful.  SO i went and respecced Brew Master

Brew Master- Woah Brew Master.  I immediatly started having more fun when i went tank spec.  you get a cleave right away in Keg Smash. and Dizzying Haze gives you a targeting reticule like the rogue ability blind. it slows your oponnent , and gives them a chance to hit themselves instead of you.  And the damage still seemed pretty strong.  I mean stuff still seemed to die at an acceptable rate.

Stagger-  It is an intriguing mechanic. My monk will be tanking Ragefire Chasm soon.( he is only lvl 13, DCing every 4th time i looted a mob convinced me it was bedtime.)    Turning 30 % of damage taken into a DOT is a cool mitigation tool.  I’m not sure if it will as fun as taunting a raid boss with a blood shield the size of your health pool saying “Go for it Warmaster.  Try me on for size.”  but it has potential.

Clash-  Quote “you and your target charge each other, meeting in the middle and stunning all targets within 6 yards. 35sec cooldown, 40yard range.  I can’t wait to see this in action.  if this works on casters ill be ecstatic.  You don’t want to know what ill be if it works in PVP.

 Mistweaver-   I’ll probably leave this till MOP goes live. I love healing. i really enjoy it, But without VuDuh .  Aw dang now im going have to give it a shot.  Grumble, Grumble, Grumble.

Oh Hey did I mention ROLL!!!!!


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