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“But your frost”. Or Be a Death Knight”

May 7, 2012

I got Gurthalak, Voice of the Deeps out of LFR last night, and though it was exciting for me, I don’t expect my readers to care. (but it is awesome you guys go me.) (and i really like perenthesis youll see that over time.) The reason this post is coming out is because what happened when i won it.

So after making enough strange noises to get a “look” from the Red Head (wife) i decided that for the blog I would wait around and see if I get any response from my victims. A pali immediately whispered and politely asked if i would be willing to trade it for the shoulders he had just got from spine. “nope” was the response and he LOL’ed back. I then got a tell from another DK who asked and he got the same response. however there was no LOLing from this fellow. He wasn’t rude, his response was “but your frost”. I was at the time, but I’m not anymore.

I suppose the point I want to make with this post is to encourage players to play there class not just there spec. I was a frost deathknight for that LFR because it made sense gear wise. But Gurth gives me the opportunity to play unholy which is the DPS spec I have enjoyed the most in Cataclysm, and on top of it all my main spec is Blood. (I don’t feel like I’m doing a good job making my point here.)

Another approach perhaps.

A hard and fast hitting spec that relies heavily on two procs, killing machine, and rime to put out solid damage. It has an awesome 1 minute cooldown in pillar of frost that gives you a metric ton of strength for several seconds. Currently performs best with 2 one handers in PVE and a big 2 handed weapon in PVP. It is chaotic and fast with strong burst AOE.

Unholy death knights have strong pets at their disposal. Our ghoul is iconic and when under the effects of Dark Transformation hits really really hard. The Gargoyle is on a 3 minute CD and is our other pet. The rotation is smooth and flows well. And Unholy Frenzy is just plain fun. It’s usually more DPS to give it to someone else, but it’s ok to be selfish sometimes.

Ah the tank spec. I love it unlike warriors and paladins who only get one shield we get 2. Bone Shield and Blood Shield. The rattle from putting up bone shield pre pull just gets my mind right for the upcoming boss, and 20% damage reduction doesn’t hurt either. I mentioned in my last post my favorite thing about blood tanking. Having a Blood Shield as big as your health pool right before a tank swap is amazing. Death Strike as often as you can, and use your cooldowns. Please use them we have lots and there all strong. Get in the habit of blood tapping. You won’t miss the threat from one heart strike.

All three DK specs are fun they are all different, and they are all viable. Go out in Azeroth and be a DK. Leave a trail of corpses in your wake. After all that’s why Arthas made us.

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  1. I really don’t understand the LFR mentality…let’s get upset with someone who needed something for their offspec, but not the person who needed so they can have leverage to trade later….I usually go in with the expectation that I won’t win any gear and usually I’m not disappointed đŸ˜‰

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