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May 27, 2012

OK so I have been lost in D3 for a couple weeks.  I wanted to keep this a straight wow blog and pretty much anything I had to say about Diablo 3 is out there already. So I avoided typing about it until now.

So why start now?   I had a wow moment in my D3 last night that’s why. 

My raid teams main tank and I ( I off-tank for our team) both started out as barbarians.  Last night we were talking D3 shop. Our builds mostly. I usually run frenzy/whirlwind. He likes cleave/I dont remember. I hopped in his game for a minute so he could give me some hand me downs. (He is an act ahead of me in NM) He was using a 1 hander and a shield, and I was standing there with the narliest two handed weapon I could find. I laughed out loud.  There we stood the paladin and death knight playing barbarians with the exact same preferences and play styles we use in wow. He wanted the survivability of a shield. I wanted a big 2 handed weapon and as much self healing as I could get.

So have you guys found your wow preferences bleeding over into D3 or other games?


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  1. I had to rebind the tab key to NOT be the map! I think I just unbound tab. I also seem to prefer to play at ranged, though I’ve started both a barbarian and monk to play with as well. I do best on my demon hunter and witch doctor though….maybe because my original main in wow was a hunter 🙂

    • one of the first things i did was bind tab to be my stand still and shoot stuff button, instead of shift.

  2. I have found myself over and over trying to modify the UI on new games I pick up to match what I’m used to in WoW. I have also found myself gravitating toward the same type of characters and classes. For instance, I’ve been playing TERA recently, and I started with an Archer. This class was a complete digression from my usual character philosophy of quick melee that strikes and moves like my warrior in WoW (I also have a shaman and a rogue). After playing for 40 levels, I was enjoying the archer, but I still wanted a little something different, so now I’ve switched to playing . . . a warrior. That’s right, a dual-wielding melee type that strikes and moves. And, I’m loving it! So, I would definitely say that we kind of get into a pattern that feels comfortable to us. In fact, I have never, in any game, been able to get into a healer of any sort. I am simply not cut out for healing, and now, I don’t even try the healing classes because I simply can’t imagine enjoying one.

    • I have always enjoyed all three roles in the MMO trinity. but if i’m there for the express purpose of making something dead. (as opposed to keeping people alive, or keeping big bad from killing other people.) i really want to be up close and hitting really fast. that’s why i love my DK in unholy, and my rogue. It is also why i am excited for the monk.

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