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BadT’s Cataclysm points with bullets

June 19, 2012

I am avoiding a Cataclysm is over post for now, even though it is over. I am ready to provide some thoughts though.

• Leveling was to linear
• Playing through Vasjier may have helped this
• God Deepholm: Deepholm was great. Just not 10 times. (so long shoulder enchants from rep-grinds you won’t be missed)
• Uldum was ok. Twighlight Highlands was better. Never spent any time with Harrison Jones, or finished Twi High. Always started gearing the second I hit 85.
• LFR worked: I went from an ilvl 342 on my DK in mid February to tanking DS in early march. It made the transition so much easier going into the real thing.
• LFR. Worked: we could bring in a random sub on raid night and say “this fight is the same, but has one more mechanic you need to watch for.
•Inscription and alchemy are cheaper to level than other professions.
• Tauren are cooler than blood elves.
• I don’t DPS the corrupted bloods on madness. Unholy’s burst AOE is so bad I have stopped trying
• Having a full tier set for the first time I understand why people get so worked up about there looks.
• I get to beat Cataclysm every week.
• The molten front was a cool idea, but way to much of a grind for more than one toon.
• I would have liked a rep in DS
•. Titles are fun. I don’t have very many.
• I have run out of bullet points.

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