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The Case For The Monk.

June 20, 2012

I am going to have a main for Mists, come hell or high water.   I have never had one before, and because of life and schedule changes I really only have time for one.

Tank, DPS, and Healing.   I really like doing all three, and if I m only going to have one character raiding (I raided on 7 different classes in Cataclysm) it needs to be flexible.  The good thing is there are three classes that make this possible.   Paladins, Druids, and Monks.   None of this info is new.  (If you want new info you probably wont find a lot of it here.) I have healed raids, and DPS’d with both the druid and paladin, and ran 5-mans in all with them as all three roles.  I have a pretty good grasp of both classes.

I have a little table in my notebook and have no idea how to make one here so i’m going to wing it.   Please bear with me.

——————-DPS                   Tank              Heals

Paladin                 4/5                     5/7                8/7

Druid                     6/6                    6/7                6/7

Monk                      8/?                   8/?                 ?/?

Fun / personal effectivness

1-10 scale  1= couldn’t get it out of the starting zone

5= good enough to get a chance to raid

10= People beg me to come raid with them

As you can see in my own personal conceit i consider my self an above average tank and healer, and average DPS’er.  Of the six specs with both scores I like paladin healing best,  and ret the least.  The monk numbers are even more subjective than those for the other classes.  I have an 88 monk on the beta that I have been really enjoying hence the two 8s.  The question marks are there because of a lack of data.  Sstuff has routinely died in the 5-mans I have tanked and DPS’d but it is to soon to tell if i am any good at it.

Here is the part where I ramble about my opinion on each class and there pro’s and con’s.


       There she is Berdran a beacon of light and hope to all who charge into the heated fray off battle.

Retribution:  I have never really been a big fan of how retribution played.  It has never been terribly enjoyable for me.  So i never got very good at it.

Protection: I generally have fun tanking.  When i do it the other guy usually dies. I wish that they could have found a better way to utilize holy power for protection paladins.

Holy: They really got Holy right in cataclysm.  The Holy Radiance change in 4.3 was brilliant.  I love love love this spec.  Holy Power seemed to work best for healing.


Feral Cat:  It’s fun, and i am ok at it.  but I would rather play my Rogue

Feral Bear (guardian now i guess):  It is a fun spec, and I have had success in 5-mans as a bear.

Restoration:  Restoration is a really good way to keep your friends, or allies alive. i went through all of Firelands as a resto druid and really enjoyed myself.


This is a Tauren Monk. The monk I am actually pushing to 90 is a Dwarf but my monk on live will be a tauren.  Or I would have to change the blogs name. I really like my blog name so the monk shall be tauren.

WindWalker:  It’s fun, fast paced, and Chi is exactly what Holy Power could have been for ret palis.  The lack of measurement tools on the Beta means i have no idea if i’m any good at it.

Brewmaster:  I have finally come to grips with the specs name.  Brewmaster was kind of a let down.  I really like the set up though.  I’m already in love with Stagger as a mitigation mechanic.  Coming from a DK tanking perspective i foresee no problems getting into what blizzard is trying to do with tanks in Mists.

Mist Weaver:  I think that’s what there healing tree is called.  It is the only thing I haven’t tried on the beta, but i am building a set and will try it very soon.  my only input here is when I briefly speced heals and cast them on random folks wandering around Orgrimmar I had very substantial giddy feeling.  Which is very promising.

To Sum Up.

I could play any of the three classes and have fun.  Druids are solid across the board.  Paladins only draw back is retribution for me. ( and I am hearing good things about it from other beta testers.)  Monks have a lot of potential and it is the way i am going to go.  Leveling on the beta has been a lot of fun (from 1-40, and 85 – 89 so far)  I had been reluctant to put any serious time into a premade 85 because i wanted that ” Wide eyed holy bleeping crap!” moment when I first got the expansion.  If i’m starting a class from 1 most of that will be spoiled by simply being in G- chat well before I get to 85 .  so to avoid faction specific stuff I made a dwarf pre-made to hopefully keep some of that fresh.

So look forward to Monk info becoming the focus of this here blog.  we will start with how I brew master later this week.


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