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A Bad Guide To Brewmasters

June 24, 2012

 A Bad Guide To Brewmasters

Part 1

I don’t have the attention span to do a giant in depth article. Our options are my usual half ass’d posts with bad spelling, grammar, and only a couple coherent thoughts. Or a series with coherent thoughts and bad spelling and grammar. So it looks like you get a Monk Series. Well probably 3 of them one for each spec. aren’t we all lucky. So first the brewmaster

Before I get started I want to point everyone to I know its weird to send readers off to another blog, but Sunnier is an excellent blogger. (and a seasoned tank. Like heroic madness seasoned) So go check the blog out. I don’t they are coming back.

I promised coherent thoughts right? Well lets start then. The aspect of Brewmasters that first caught my fancy was there damage mitigation so lets start there. Paladins have block and there mastery affects how much they block for, or how often they block. ( I think). Bears have savage defense which is a shield that is proced off of crits, and Death knights have there blood shields provided by there death strikes. A monk does it differently we Stagger. A boss hits you, 70% of the damage is immediately done to the monk. The other 30% turns into a dot that ticks away over 10 seconds. The dot gets bigger and bigger every time you get hit. A death knight tank’s blood shield absorbs melee damage. Brewmasters just move it around. Not really fair right. Well blizzard isn’t fair. Just sit with a paladin or mage for 5 minutes blizzards fairness will inevitably come up.

So for the other tanking classes there block, Savage Defense, and Blood Shield make it so the damage doesn’t happen. ( I am oversimplifying all these mechanics bear with me.) Stagger intrigues me because we can modify it, by increasing how much we stagger or just make it go away. So how do we do that? We shuffle. At level 72 we gain a passive called brewmaster training.  This passive affects stagger in 2 ways. First it gives us access to Shuffle. When you Blackout Kick you gain a buff called shuffle. Shuffle increases the amount you stagger by 20 % for 6 seconds , and increases your parry. So for those 6 seconds half of the melee damage you take turns into staggered damage. The other way brewmaster training affects stagger is it turns fortifying brew from an OK cool-down to a better than okay cool-down by making it increase the amount staggered by 20% also. Our mastery also increases the amount staggered, and blizzard just fiddled with this in the last beta patch. So shuffle is a proc from Blackout kick that if we can have up 100% of the time. And fortifying brew is a 3 minute cool-down that adds another 20% to the amount staggered. Got that?

So regardless of what percentage of our incoming physical damage is being staggered it is still damaging us. On my most recent run through Mogushan palace. (I’m in there so much lately I need to take some screen shots and put together a post.) I was mist weaving and after the second boss died I took a deep breath looked around the room and assessed the damage. We were all still standing so I turned around and started to roll towards the elevator. All of a sudden I had a dead tank. Poor guy let his stagger kill him. Don’t let your stagger kill you. Use purifying brew. Using purifying brew clears your stagger. It is cheap at a cost of 1 chi and will help avoid myocardial infractions for your healers. It has no cool-down costs 1 chi and can make a lot of pain go away.

So that is part 1 of my brewmaster overview. The next installment will be part 2. we will talk about our cool-downs, Part 3 will be about threat and how I try to make this all work together in making piles of corpses for easy looting.

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