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Level 90

July 2, 2012

My monk reached max level on the beta last night while questing in the dread wastes. I also finally got a chance to run through all of the 5 man dungeons. So there should be some brief 5 man walkthroughs coming up.

Part 2 of the brew master guide will be up tomorrow, and part three later this week. It has been slow in coming because I have been queing as tank and heals, and I have been pulled in as heals consistently. So my mistweaver guide should be along shortly as well.

After hitting 90 I did three things, buy the PVP gear from the vendors (which just feels a bit dirty for a PVE guy). It gave me about 3000 more agility/intellect than my leveling gear. Which is a lot. Opened up the veil of eternal awesomeness, er blossoms. And ran a scenario. The scenario was fun, but I got stuck with 2 hunters. Hunters are fine. It’s their growling pets that drive me crazy while in a tank spec. The beer was successfully delivered so it wasn’t a total loss.

I am apprehensive about jumping into heroics, because the increase in difficulty in cata was so severe. I know the design intent is different this time around. So I’m ready logically, but maybe not emotionally. If that makes sense.

So the game has opened up to me at level 90. It was a very smooth ride leveling. The content was fun, not grindy, and doable even with the bloated population on the beta servers.

Remember. Corpse circles are cool, but a trail of corpses across a zone is more impressive.

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  1. I was really scared to do heroics, too. I went and watched a bunch of videos (, psyched myself up, and waited for a friend to log on (that took a while). They’re pretty easy to do, as you don’t need CC and bosses are fairly straight-forward. Even now that I’ve intentionally downgraded to quest greens (which are boosted up to 440 in heroics…but still not as good as pvp gear), they’re easy.

    If you’re on Lost Isles, you can add Romancer and I can do heroics with you. I know how to tank and dps, so you can pick whatever role you want to practice. I know for me it helps just having one other person to communicate with (even if it’s no more than “move out of this boss’s fists of fury”).

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