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A Bad Guide To Brewmasters Part 2

July 4, 2012

Brewmasters Part 2


Cooldowns and other Fun buttons to push

Yay cooldowns!!  okay i’m really not that excited to talk about this stuff. I am pretty excited for Part 3 of the guide, but I would be remiss if I didn’t go over our cooldowns.  It always makes me sad when i’m in a dungeon or raid and the tank has no idea how, or desire to use cooldowns.  Especially if i’m healing the fellow.  So lets start with our damage mitigating/healer’s mana saving buttons.

  FORTIFYING BREW:  This tool tip isn’t accurate but it is pretty close.  This is our big one.  It gives 20% more health, Damage reduction, and amount of damage staggered. It will save your bacon every 3 minutes.  You get it early in your leveling, so by level 90 we should have become comfortable with using it.

At level 75 we have a tier of talent choices with save your but cooldowns.  This tier is a great example of Blizzards attempt to give us compelling talent choices.  Avert Harm and Diffuse Magic.


They both are short cooldowns at a minute and a half each and both provide very different effects.  If you are about to go into a boss encounter like Warmaster B. where there is an armor reduction mechanic Dampen Harm will be pretty strong.  but on a fight like Yorsaj where the tank can take a lot of magic damage very quickly Diffuse Magic will be a better choice.  I think most of the time Dampen Harm will be the choice, but the option of Diffuse Magic is excellent.

There is one more Cooldown that will be Iconic for brewmasters.  Guard.

   I have always liked absorb effects, and to get one that I can put up when I know I am about to do something stupid is great.  I often do stupid things.  With Brewmaster Training three Tiger palms will buff our guard by 15 percent.  that is a healthy amount of damage mitigated by 100 percent every 30 seconds.  We learn this at a really young age just like fortifying brew.

 Elusive Brew: for which I have no screen shot is really an interesting mechanic that was recently changed from a 45 second cool down that gave a flat 10% increase to dodge to something so much more fun.  When your auto attacks crit you get 2 charges of elusive brew (depending on weapon speed. blah blah blah mathy stuff) .  When you consume these charges you get 30% dodge for 1 second per charge.   So ten charges gives you 10 seconds with a bunch of dodge.  This is a cool button.   With this, shuffle and Guard we have three ways of mitigating damage that are all very different and very effective.

We need to talk about one last cooldown before we move to other fun buttons to push.  It isn’t a tank cooldown because it breaks on a melee swing.  This is an off tank cooldown.  I love me some off tanking.

 When in a raid, and the dude with the shield/fury hindquarters/glowing blue eyes, has the threat to all life on Azeroth’s attention this will relieve some preassure on your healers.  This would have trivialized Elementium bolt, or a stray fire elemental making a bee line for Sulfuras 2.0.  It wont work in 5 mans but jee whiz will it come in handy in raids.

Other fun buttons.

  This tool tip needs no explanation.  it is almost as cool as roll.

Every boss fight guys.  Guard is cool share it with your friends.

 I haven’t tried this on a boss yet in the content I have run so far but it works on trash.  I am not a big PVP’er but with a monk’s kit I think I will have no choice but to cause mayhem in some BG’s

This makes me giddy as a school girl whose best friend’s sheep just followed her to school.  We get a toy no other tanks get.  (upon further review paladins can talent into repentance.) no more waiting to see if the hunter will freeze a mob in place, or if the mage in the group has poly-morph on its action bars.  If you don’t want that mob to hit you in the face, or for it to heal it’s friends give it the old “vulcan neck pinch” , and proceed with pulling it’s friends around by the nose.

For the next installment we will talk about putting it all together.  I don’t really do how it should be done posts, but how I do it posts.  So that is what your in for.

Roll on little dogies. Roll on.

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  1. Oh this is a good explanation of the abilities. I know I’ll wind up making a healing monk, but for off-spec I may make a tank!

  2. I think your series is well written and informative! Though it’s hard to absorb without practical experience.

    • Thank you for the encouraging comment. hopefully we will have mists soon and we will be awash in experience

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