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How BadTauren Wind Walks

August 21, 2012

So this guide to wind walkers has been a long time coming. Of the three trees available to monks it is the most straight forward. I think proficiency will come quickly and mastery in the play style will will not be hard to attain.

Just like my brewmaster guide this will be how I do it. Not how you should do it.

First let’s talk about what we have to work with.

Skills that do damage

  • jab: jab is our chi builder. Spend 40 energy get 2 chi. Simple
  • Rising Sun Kick: This is our hardest hitting ability. It costs 2 chi and rebuffs everything in melee range to take more damage. Use on cooldown.
  • Blackout Kick: this is going to be where the lion share of our chi will be spent. It costs 2 little circles of awesome and hits pretty hard, and even harder when the bad guys health drops below 50%
  • Tigers Palm: I only use this to keep up our armor bypassing debuff when I have an extra chi sitting on my bar
  • Fists of Fury: I love this move (I used to call these spells or abilities but move just sounds right). It is a 4 second channel that hits everything in front of you for AOE damage and stuns them. Costs 3 chi and has a 25 second cooldown.
  • Spining Crane Kick: turns you into a green tornado of destruction. Generates 1 chi and costs 40 energy.

Those are our damage buttons. We have 2 more things to talk about before the how to. TigerEye Brew and energizing brew.

  • Tigereye brew: every time you use 4 chi you get a stack of this tasty brew. Each stack will give you a 2 percent buff to damage for 15 seconds. So when consumed at 10 stacks (the maximum amount) you get 20% more damage for 15 seconds.
  • Energizing Brew: This brew though less potent than the previous will go a long way in smoothing out chi generation. On a one minute cooldown it will give you 10 energy a second for 6 seconds. It is a mini adrenalin rush. I generally use it on cooldown.

I want to talk a bit about white damage. I feel it is often overlooked by the average player (ie me). It is a huge portion of our DPS, and you can only get it while your forehead deep in a raid bosses back side. Luckily we have two excellent ways to make sure we are close enough to the loot piñata to keep up our white hits.

  1. Roll: I don’t think this needs much explanation.
  2. Flying Serpent Kick: Fly with epic Flight speed into the fray, and do a little damage while your at it.

We will have no excuse to not be where we need to be when we need to be there. Ever.

I’m going to have to do a talent review before MOP. But to sum up for wind walkers you want to take power strikes. The extra chi every 20 seconds is pretty important to how I play the class. It is a free tiger palm, tiger palm is going to be low on our priority list but it is on the list so we can keep our personal armor debuff up. We need to tiger palm every 15 seconds to keep it up, and between Combo Breaker procs and our one extra chi from power strikes it is easy to do.

So here is what we have all been waiting for.


On single target fights I have been prioritizing Rising sun kick, then Blackout Kick, using Mastery procs (Combo Breaker), Jab, then Tigers Palm.

After about 8-10 chi in I find that energy isn’t keeping up and will use energizing brew and keep it on cooldown for the remainder of the fight. Always use your mastery procs before you jab again even if it means energy capping, because your jab could reproc the proc meaning you lose the proc. ( I know that makes no sense, but kind of makes sense) This doesn’t happen much but it will occur.

I have seen conflicting advice regarding the use of Fists of Fury on single targets. While channeling you stop auto attacking which means a loss of the aforementioned white damage. Currently I will use it pending the final math when MOP drops.

So I use rising sun kick on cooldown, when I have 2 or more Chi I blackout kick. I use those annoying little single chi on tiger palms to keep the armor debuff up. And always use my mastery procs before I jab again. Burn your stacks of tiger eye brew at 10, only hold it if there is a bloodlust or burn phase soon. (they usually are the same thing)

The killing of several things!

I will always start with a rising sun kick. Get to three chi and fists of fury early (mainly for the long stun it gives to give the tank a breather.) then spinning crane kick, using the chi it produces on rising sun kicks. As long as there are at least 3 bad guys up. Once you are down to 2 switch back to your single target rotation.

That guys, is a very basic rundown of the way I punch and kick things.  Blizzard gave us some very awesome tools to go with what I expect to be very competitive DPS.  We have CC, silence, and a disarm.  The only class to have all three of these tools.  Use them liberally and you will be awesome.


P.S. Monks don’t die in fires.

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