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My Kids Play Dress Up

August 23, 2012

A few days ago I was woken up suddenly.  Captain America was jumping up and down on the end of my bed.  Something horrible must have happened because he was about a quarter of his normal size and was calling me dad. Strange right?

I don’t play dress up my kids do.  When we got transmog in December I rolled my eyes and promptly forgot about/ignored it.  (that’s not totally true I did go buy the DK starting set as an experiment.)  It just wasn’t something interesting to me.  Recently on a whim I went into MC with a friend on my hunter.  I had only seen the place once before so we went in and did some shopping at the various retailers there.  Low and behold a few of them had Hunter pieces.  (I know it was all hunter loot of course) If I remember right it was the gloves and shoulders.  At first glance I decided they obviously hadn’t designed the Giant Stalker set with undead hunters in mind.  After the reset the following week I hopped back over to the core to see what else I could find and walked out an hour later with everything else for the set but the Belt.  Low and behold it looked pretty good.

Giant Stalker

I have since been in there on my paladin,rogue, and warlock.  I have even been soloing (or attempting to) Naxxramas on my Death Knight.  Just for the pixels.  to play internet dress up.  This is ridiculous, and a lot of fun.


Remember that your Ghoul wanted to be a Hero to when his heart still beat.  Go do Heroic stuff with him.

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