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5.0 And Me

September 3, 2012

So I have had a week with 5.0, and I thought some things about it. First and foemost. I want my monk now not in 3 weeks. I’m ready for the rush to 90, for that new class smell, for only one thing to do in game instead of being pulled in 9 different directions by alts.

So the very first thing I did Tuesday when I finally got home was rebuild my UI from the ground up. We cancelled our raids for the week due to planned attendance issues so now was the best time . I have been using Elvui for the entirety of cataclysm, and decided I wanted something set up exactly the way I wanted. It only took me a week of tinkering to get it functional enough.

I logged onto my max level toons in the following order.

  • Warlock: Of course Oller was first. The lock changes are great. I fiddled around and was quickly reminded how bad I am at playing finger wigglers. The changes are great, and destro is back. After about an hour he went back on the shelf (sorry cyn if your reading)
  • Death Knight: I needed to hit Cano second so he would be ready for raid. DK’s were largely unchanged, and are even awesomer now. I just have to be more cognizant of my diseases again.
  • Paladin: I logged on Berdran to see how the move to active mitigation felt on another tank. I pulled some guildies through Hour Of Twighlight and we all survived. I need to try holy out still but feel little rush to do so.
  • Rogue: Awe Bidog the only rogue on Azeroth without Fangs. Poor girl if there were no monks coming I could easily see myself being a rogue again for MOP like I was for the last half of Wrath. Assassination with shadow step in BGs was just to much fun.
  • Priest: Ahtoep was last and was only played extensively because he was the closest to 3500 justice points for the BOA staff. I shadowed and disciplined, neither of which really enticed me. Shadow for the same reason the warlock didn’t (I don’t know why I suck at DPS casters), and Disc because priest healing has always been a mystery to me.
  • Hunter, Shaman, Druid: Inearnest, Dyfynn, and Tacklebeary all got logged into long enough to consolidate my BOA pieces. Which isn’t really fair to them. I love all three of them but a guy only has so much time. Sheesh Tackle was my main just a patch ago and is still in full firelands gear.

So after a week in 5.0 I’m ready to be back to normal. Raid tank on Cano, and killing healers on Bidog. 3 more weeks till Moenghus starts killing quill boars and centaurs. Like a good Tauren should.

I have a few more posts 3/4 of the way done in my head, and the week leading up to Pandas should have a leveling suggestion post. I think blizzard finally killed leveling guides in 5.0.


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  1. Gorbag permalink

    I’m exactly like you wrt caster dps. My priest has been shadow for maybe 3 weeks total – and I’ve played him on and off since BC. I can only dot/dot/mindflay so many times before I want to smash my face on my keyboard until I pass out. The health bar whack-a-mole mini game is way more fun.

    What spec(s) is your dk? I haven’t logged on mine yet, I’d be interested to hear how blood has changed.

    • The DK is Blood/unholy. Neither of them were changed drastically. I have not done my due diligence on there talents yet though.

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