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Bad Tauren vs. Elegon

January 29, 2013

Horseshoes and Handgrenades has finally ran into Elegon.  I always considered my team post nerf all-stars.  All of our success over the last year and a half has come after content was nerfed.  The last few months has changed my mind about us, we just take some time to get our momentum going.  Our momentum has finally ran us into Elegon.  The word on the street has been that Elegon is a road block for a lot of teams in Mogushan Vaults.  I don’t think it will be a real issue for us and here is why.  We are really good at execution once we know what the hell is going on. When we finally kill a boss it goes on farm almost immedialy. There is a good portion of my raid team that really likes the first pull on a boss to be blind.  No videos, no guides, and no LFR. I don’t hold to this way of raiding myself, I like to know what im getting myself into. However, I like that there is a little bit less stress in those first pulls, and it makes those mistakes that happen less frustrating to me, but it means a few extra wipes before we really get our bearings. But when we finally get it we get it.

So here are my bullets for my first time tanking Elegon.

    • Having never seen Algalon, the model is really cool
    • I only killed the raid once on account of my own stupidity
    • They have really made fights that are interesting to tank again
    • This is the first boss fight where I really really need to manage all my resources. Even my roll charges need to be managed.
    • When one or more of your DPS are surprised that there is more than one round of cosmic sparks. You didn’t do a good enough job explaining the fight
    • The ability to change your talents on the fly was ingenious game design
    • Actually having viable talents as options is great to
    • We are lucky to have a really competent unflapable main tank. (This is not me)
    • We tried two ways of tanking. First is the standard switch on each new add. Our other method was having me keep the boss the whole time, but having the other tank hold him long enough for me to drop my stacks. Both seemed to work. The latter let me keep my stacks considerably lower, and damage a bit more managable. I’m not sure which one we will settle on.
    • We only have one melee DPS, and this fight makes me feel bad for the poor kitty, but it gives us a solid advantage on the fight mechanics.

    Mogushan Vaults is such a drastic improvment for fights compared to dragon soul. I can’t wait to see the rest of the tier, and what Blizzard has cooked up for 5.3.

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