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Back in time (back in the Blog?)

December 18, 2013

Okay let me clear one thing up real fast. In Warlords of Draenor we aren’t time traveling.  We just aren’t.  The bad guys are time traveling. They are coming to us.  They are coming looking for a whooping and we will give it to them. Got it?

Next. I’m not sure what I hate more LFR or LFR ques.  that 20 plus minute of wasted time aimlessly wandering around waiting for the Que to pop dreading all the pain you are about to put yourself through. or the hour of wasted time while people try to cheese content fail, and just try cheesing it again.  There is one way to lessen this pain and that is to sign up to heal. Well turns out the weaving of mists eludes me, and I find it kind of embarrassing.  I can DPS at a level I am comfortable with and getting hit in the face is like riding a bike, but heal competitively no way at least not yet.

I am really looking forward to Warlords,  I mean Garrison Keillor is going to be in it.  He is the only Garrison I know.  Garrosh might be the end boss again. (Maybe we actually kill him this time!) We will finally get an answer to the origin of the clown suit armor. (it’s always been a mystery to me.)  And Velen will actually do things (probably). Well not our Velen but the alternative reality Velen who was actually a leader and stuff.

So I am back. Probably,  If I was ever here in the first place.

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