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October 16, 2014

That’s what I use now. Rage.

As Warlords of Draenor approached I wasn’t looking for greener pastures.  My monk was fun,  was tanking all the things and doing a good job of it.  Spinning, and Kicking, and Shuffling, and then Staggering.  A lot like a drunken bear ballerina with swords, and an awesome braided beard.  At heart I am a great lover of smashing things in the face with shields or great big two handed weapons that weigh more than gnomes.  So I decided (and it was an easy decision for me) to main my warrior in Warlords.  I will still be a spinning bear just wearing plate, and with much bigger swords, and less alcohol.(A charging pandaren is pretty awesome)

I have found one standard one thing I need to be able to enjoy playing a class.  I need to have two specs for that class that I really enjoy.   I have really enjoy protection warriors in Mists,  I just didn’t enjoy arms and fury at all.  with 6.0.2 that has changed.  I know there has been a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth regarding the warrior changes.  I would love to hear an explanation of where exactly Overpower went and why he (or she) left us in the lurch. The rotations for fury and arms do lack a bit of sophistication. (A lot of classes are in the similar row boats.) As straight forward as it is Fury is a lot of fun for me.  I am enjoying the relentless smash things as hard and fast as you can game play.  I understand the mini game of fury and colossal smash was great in the eyes of a lot if not most players, but I didn’t enjoy it and wont miss it.  So there internets.  I really enjoy new fury do with me what you will.

Ran into a trash pack in the back yard.  See optimal means of self defense is dual weild

Ran into a trash pack in the back yard. See optimal means of self defense is dual wield. As you can see the small blonde mob will grow up to be a warrior as his preferred weapon is a bus.

I took Gyin on an Eschew Obfuscation raid as a tank for the first time last night and had an absolute blast.  Our other tank is a warrior as well ( I know raid balance blah blah blah we don’t care) and stuff died.  Bosses got hit with shields over and over and Agnes and I laughed and giggled, wait warriors don’t giggle, gleefully cackled all the way to Iron Juggernaut.  So protection easily fills the that second enjoyable specialization.

So I am a warrior again.

Rage its not just a red bar on your unit frame.  It is a way to get things dead



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